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Motcombe Memorial Hall

The village hall, with its field, is held in Trust for the community by a Board of Trustees. The Memorial Hall is self-funding and its income comes from fees paid by those who hire it.  However, these fees alone are not sufficient to ensure that the hall and field are maintained and improved for the benefit of the village, so several special fundraising events are held during the year.

Maintenance of the hall and field, and the fundraising events are organised by the Memorial Hall Management Committee.  As well as the 200 Club, the committee organises the Motcombe Village Fete, held in June, and various other events.

We need funds for general maintenance of the hall and field, the costs for which are forever rising. There are many improvement projects currently being discussed.

We have recently had the roof examined and whilst it is in very good condition for a 90 year old roof, it will need some major work done in about ten years time. To this end we have started a Roof Fund and decided that £1000 each year will be added and the 200 Club makes a major contribution to this.

If you would like more information about the Hall, or would like to get involved as a committee member, or just as a helper at one of our events, please contact one of our committee members, whose contact details are on the Hall noticeboard, and on our website www.motcombehall.org,.

Motcombe Memorial Hall
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